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Denial of Insurance Claim

Insurance Claim and Coverage Lawyer

Insurance companies are companies that form a contract with a client that states that the client will be reimbursed if certain events take place under specific circumstances. The contract is legally binding, and it must be adhered to by all parties involved. When an insurance company draws-up a contract, the company is making a legal promise to uphold the insurance end of the bargain under the stipulation that the insured is holding his/her end of the bargain as well. Sometimes the case is not that simple, or the insurance company plain and simply does not want to pay.

If the insurance company tries to either not pay or take less than what you believe you are owed, call Howard S. Ehrlich to help you. As a denial of Insurance Claim and Coverage Lawyer, Mr. Ehrlich is well versed in matters relating to medical insurance denial and many other areas of interest. He has specialized in helping people just like you fight for what they are owed, and he has won many lawsuits.

When you call Mr. Ehrlich you are setting up an appointment to discuss your case and case facts with him free of charge. His next step will to start the long and tedious process of trying to coerce the insurance company to pay you what is owed. Between his tactics and his experience, the insurance company will either cave or abide by Mr. Ehrlich’s terms, or the insurance company will swiftly have suit filed against it. Call him at 954-977-6622, and he can discuss your options with you.

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