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Car Insurance & 50 Miles Per Day Law

Auto Insurance companies are some of the most deceitful companies you will ever encounter. Now, to stress, they are not "lying" to anyone, however they have this unique way of withholding information like no other companies on the planet. For example if you drive around 50 miles per day or less, or have a car older than 3 years, or have had no at-fault accidents in 2 years, then you can get some massive discounts.

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On top of this if you live in a qualified zip code, have not had any DUI's or tickets within the past 2 years, your insurance premiums can seriously be lowered. Of course, saving money on your auto insurance is a hard task if you don't have any of these great features and you want a realistic insurance policy that is more than a simple 15/30. Lets face it, what does $15,000 worth of coverage actually get you? On top of that your underinsured motorist cover can drop dramatically if you have been involved in multiple accidents over the last 2-5 years. Car accidents and auto insurance can be a massive headache, however there is one way to seriously simplify your life if you have had an accident in the last 2 years. Coral Springs Personal Injury Lawyer is one of the best personal injury attorneys in Florida. Period.

If you are looking for an auto accident attorney for because you were involved in an accident you should contact Coral Springs Personal Injury Lawyer. Most insurance companies will try and settle all claims as quickly as possible, this includes yours, even if you are looking for help or approaching them directly for an under insured motorist accident you were involved with. Sometimes even your own insurance company will not be on your side. Remember, if they are not telling you about the best discounts, why would they be helping you in an arbitration suit against them? Car insurance companies are great at selling you a product you need, that product does not always withstand the test of being put through complex litigation. The team at Coral Springs Personal Injury Lawyer understand car insurance, auto accidents and personal injury claims, you are not just a number to them like you are to your insurance company. They genuinely help people recover and get what they are entitled to after auto accidents.

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