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How Does a Free Consultation Work in Personal Injury Case?

A victim calls a personal injury lawyer to discuss his injury. The phone is answered by the lawyer's assistant who asks several questions about the injury. That is called a screening since the assistant knows which cases his lawyer will take. If the injury fall into the area that the personal injury attorney will take, the victim is asked several more questions and referred to the lawyer who can speak to the victim at the time of the calling or call the victim at a time more suitable to the lawyer. There is no fee or charge for this conversation and decision making between the lawyer and the victim. The scope of a free consultation is to allow the victim to find a lawyer who will take his case and give professional advice on how to proceed to get monetary compensation due to the personal injury.

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Not all personal injury cases are the same, which is why there are different lawyers who specialize in different areas of personal injury cases. A victim should only consult with lawyers who offer free consultation since there is always the likelihood that the victim will not be accepted by the lawyer. It would be foolish to call and make an appointment that will be charged if there are no guarantees that the lawyer who is charging for an appointment can refuse to take the case and charge the victim for his time and his chat.

A personal injury case is one that involves various areas of the body and can be caused or attributed to more than one source. That evaluation has to be made by the lawyer or by his assistant. It is always wise to call a personal injury lawyer who offers a free consultation since spending money on advice that is offered free is not wise. It is also not wise to call more lawyers and to explain your personal injury since the word gets around from office to office as there is no client protection of information since you are not yet a client if you are fishing around for a lawyer. Your personal injury case could lead you to call the office of a lawyer who might have interests or have as client the people or the entity who has caused your personal injury. Keep in mind that when looking for a personal injury lawyer that you call only that lawyer who advertises free consultation and give only the public particulars of your personal injury.

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