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8 Tips on How to Take Pictures After a Car Accident

The steps you take after the car accident will have a strong impact on the development of your case, especially if you are dealing with a No - Fault Stase insurance. Taking pictures after a car accident is never easy. Emotions are running high, and there could be injuries and fatalities. For practical reasons it is very important to take these pictures. Insurance companies, and lawyers need these pictures to settle claims and lawsuits. Even the court system needs to see the photos if there are settlements that have to be settled, and if any suspected negligence or drunk driving charges against certain parties. Some of the proof and evidence is in the pictures.

The first thing you can do is be compassionate and wise in taking these pictures. People's emotions are going to be running high, and it is important to remain calm in this situation. There are going to be some people taking the pictures who were witnesses to the accident. Some other people were already taking pictures of something they were doing, and the accident just happened in front of them. All these pictures are important from all different sources.

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What are some good ideas in taking these pictures?

arrow 1. You don't need an expensive camera, and you don't have to be a photography student in taking these pictures. The cell phone is great in taking pictures.

arrow 2. Take a picture of the accident victims as calmly and if needed or possible with their consent.

arrow 3. What were the driving conditions at the time? Take a picture possibly of the weather conditions around the car. Take pictures of the surrounding sidewalks, and the road when the accident happened. Also take a picture of the sky. Weather conditions are a major factor in car accidents.

arrow 4. Was it night, midday or early morning? Make sure you adjust your flash or weather settings on the camera to get the best possible picture.

arrow 5. Take a picture of the inside of the car if possible. That includes torn seats, broken glass, and other debris inside the car.

arrow 6. Take a picture of the car at close-up, at ten feet and fifteen feet away. This will emphasize details of the accident at close up. At distance it will show the whole picture of the accident, and show missing details you will not find in a close-up.

arrow 7. Most cameras have stamps of the date and time of the accident. Use it.

arrow 8. Take pictures at different angles of the car, from the ground and up. Also take pictures from the top and the side. Insurance investigators have to put an accident together. Taking a picture at different angles is putting the accident together like a puzzle. Though this is not an easy job to do, it benefits the accident victims in the long run.

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