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Insurance Claims - Car Accident Lawyer

When you pay your insurance premiums you expect your insurance company to pay you if there is ever a time that you must make a claim. Unfortunately insurance companies are known for unfairly denying claims. If you have recently filed an insurance claim and have either been unfairly denied or not paid what the policy guaranteed, you need to take action now. Howard S. Ehrlich is a Boca Raton insurance claim lawyer who guarantees that he will be able to coerce the insurance company to abide by the policy’s promise, or he will start litigation against the company for you.

Boca Raton Car Accident Lawyer

Mr. Ehrlich, personal injury lawyer has spent more than 20 years of his life practicing law in cases just like yours. He has taken time to study the law and learn all of the curveballs that the companies will throw at you. When you visit your physician or are hospitalized and something goes wrong because your health and needs were not a priority, you deserve justice. Medical malpractice and negligence is becoming more and more common because insurance companies are getting away with not paying policyholders what they are supposed to. Do not let this be the case with you. Help put a stop to careless healthcare providers and fraudulent insurance contracts by calling Howard Ehrlich at 954-977-6622.

Mr. Ehrlich's priority is to establish a case that cannot be punctured, then to start litigation against the insurance company. He does not take his responsibilities lightly and expects the insurance companies to do the same. Call him today!

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