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How Does No Fault Claim Works?

What to Know About a No Fault Claim?

Living in a No Fault insurance state, allow you to make a claim against your can insurance company after a collision, disregarding of whose fault it was. Read more What is No Fault Law in Florida?

As opposed to the traditional tort system where the insurance companies of the two parties involved in an accident would battle out probably in a legal struggle to determine who is at fault so that they decide whom to pay the damages, this system simplifies the process. Your insurer will have to pay you the damages and hospital bills entirely or in part irrespective of who was at fault.

Florida is no fault state

What is a no-fault claim?

A no-fault claim is a concept in the insurance industry that outlines how insurance companies handle claims from car accidents. In this form of claim, your insurance company pays you all the damages and injuries sustained in an accident irrespective of who was at fault. It should be noted that a no-fault claim does not mean no one was at the blame. In every accident, there is always a party with a fault. Read more What No Fault Car Insurance Is?

Various states have laws governing no-fault claims and have set limits to which you can benefit from your insurer. In most states in the US, however, claims for personal injury are not allowed. You can only benefit from personal injury claim if you meet the set no fault medical bill limit. Also, in such cases, you are required to cooperate with your insurer.

How does a Claim work?

To streamline the claim process, various states have set no fault claim limits for both medical bills and lost earnings. It is, therefore, imperative to understand how this works, consider the following. Assuming you have no-fault and health insurance cover and the law has set a no-fault limit for medical expenses to be $500, for individuals not covered by health insurance, and $1000 for those covered. It also requires insurers to compensate three-quarters of lost earnings up to a maximum of $5000. Your medical bill is $1000, and you lost earnings amounting $7000. Read more Car Insurance CLAIM

In this situation, your insurer will pay $500 towards your medical bills because it is the set limit. You will pay the remaining balance. Also, your insurer will pay $5250 as compensation for lost earnings; this is three-quarters of your lost earnings as stated by law. Because you had a medical bill of $1000, you met the set minimum medical bill to launch a personal injury claim against the driver who caused the accident.

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