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Coral Springs Medical Negligence Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured or died because of medical negligence, you need to call your medical negligence lawyer. Insurance companies tend to find ways to not pay for accidents for any reason including failure to file suit in a timely manner. Medical negligence can cause life changing and fatal injuries on a victim. Howard S. Ehrlich, a Florida medical negligence attorney, can help you prove that you or your loved one incurred the injuries and/or died because the staff or practitioner was intentionally ignoring or overlooking your medical needs during time of treatment.


Located in Coral Springs, Florida, Mr. Ehrlich is a Florida medical negligence attorney who has been practicing personal injury law for over two decades. He chose this practice so that innocent people like yourself could have someone who advocates for them, and does not back down from a fight that will potentially become very ugly. He wants his clients to know and feel like they are people, and not just another case to be filed away until he has a little spare time to look into it. He knows that time is of the essence when taking on insurance companies, and he will spend all of his time making sure that you get what you are entitled to.

When you set up your free consultation with Mr. Ehrlich, he will take time to sit down with you and hear your side of the story. He is not a Florida medical negligence attorney who only wants the facts and statistics. Mr. Ehrlich is an attorney who wants to know the emotional damage that has been cause as well as the financial insecurities and medical damages.

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