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Florida Marijuana Laws

Like a few other states, Florida, has taken steps to decriminalize marijuana. If, you've been a recent victim of a marijuana arrest, our attorneys can help. The push to legalize the use of marijuana in Florida is on the move and gaining huge support across the state. With California leading the way, other states are also considering whether or not to legalize the drug and are beginning to make sweeping changes in laws that affect marijuana users. In 2014, Florida state lawmakers voted to decriminalize marijuana arrests for people who suffer from very serious illnesses. More changes are undoubtedly on the way, and it appears that Florida lawmakers, as well as residents, are beginning to see some advantages of legalizing the use of marijuana.

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The Force Behind the Push

2014 brought to light some historic opinions about the decriminalization of marijuana in Florida and how many residents feel about its legalization. A proposed amendment for the use of marijuana for medical purposes narrowly missed passing by a vote of 57.6 percent to 42.4 percent. This says a lot about public opinion regarding the legalization of marijuana. The amendment would have passed with a vote of 60 percent. Spearheading the goal of decriminalizing the use of marijuana is the Florida Cannabis Action Network or FL CAN. With enough signatures on a petition, the group seeks to send the issue of decriminalization to state ballot in 2016. The end goal of the petition is to allow anyone over the age of 21 the legal right to possess, use and grow cannabis.

Local Florida Governments and the Use of Pot

Many counties in Florida are taking matters of marijuana and law into their own hands and using the power of city ordinances to decriminalize the possession of marijuana. In July of 2015, Miami-Dade County passed an ordinance that changed the way law enforcement could handle marijuana possessions of 20 grams and under. Under the new ordinance, police could charge any marijuana possession of 20 grams or less, as a civil infraction, with a $100 fine. Following Miami-Dade's lead, several other counties have followed suit with similar ordinances. Miami Beach and Hallandale Beach both created similar policies and Key West was set to create a similar ordinance in September of 2015.

The Benefits of Florida Decriminalizing Marijuana:

1. Taxpayers spent less money annually prosecuting and convicting for marijuana.
2. Police can focus on more serious criminal matters (i.e. rape, robbery, murder).
3. The THC in marijuana will help thousand of cancer patients and other medical illness.
4. Sensible marijuana polices have been created.

Marijuana Possession and the Law

Pleading guilty to a marijuana possession in the state of Florida is not a wise choice without the advice of an attorney. With the sweeping changes in law, many possessions can be reduced or completely dismissed by a qualified competent attorney that knows and understands the law.

The Hidden Dangers of Pleading Guilty To A Marijuana Charge:

1. Steep criminal penalties (i.e. The state of Georgia has a one year sentence & fines).
2. If you're not a U.S. citizen it can affect your immigration status.
3. A suspended drivers license.
4. Tax evasion (i.e. for not reporting the income from the sale of marijuana).
5. Education & Employment

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