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The Truth Insurance Companies Don't Want You To Know!

There is a new insurance rule, that the average insurance company doesn't want you to know. Our website at Our Personal Injury Lawyer can help. Every state has different rules and a personal injury lawyer can give you advice on your current policy, in the unfortunate event that you're involved in an accident. Our injury attorneys can help you determine the best policy for you before you sign the contract policy. There are a few things you should know to save money and have complete coverage, if you're involved in an accident.

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Three Things The Insurance Companies Don't Want You To Know:

1. Non-Renewal Risk
Non-Renewal Risk your insurance company knows when you are a threat for getting the boot. There are several factors that can threaten your policy with your present insurer. For example, too many claims in a given period of time will cause an insurance company to drop your policy.
Our personal injury lawyers can help you in the event that you've been charged with a DUI or having too many accidents. We're help to help, visit our website to find information on how to schedule a free consultation. Having multiple accidents or a DUI can cause your insurance company to deny you a renewal on your policy, let our excellent team of personal injury lawyers fight your DUI or personal injury case in court and help you keep your license and insurance.

2. They Know What To Do To Lower Your Premiums That's right
An agent can give you quotes on a policy, but they also know ways to save you money on your monthly or semi-annual premiums. Unfortunately, the terms of savings is not always cleared listed on an insurance provides websites or advertisements, but the agent knows all the benefits offered by the insurance company. For example, some insurance companies have a pay as you go plan that allows discounts to drivers with low mileage. There is safety equipment features you can have installed on your vehicle, that will provide discounts. In fact, some insurance companies offer incentives for going paperless.

Contact your insurance provider for all the complete details of how to save money on your insurance policy each month. Be sure to tell them, you've checked their advertisement or website and would like to know, if they have any additional discounts not listed.

3. Insurance Agents Know If Your Rates Will Increase With A Claim
Insurance companies know if your insurance premiums will increase, due to filing a claim. A personal injury lawyer can fight for your rights and file a claim against the other parties insurance provider. There are strict rules involved with the surcharges, following an accident or collision. The insurance company has a recommended time frame to determine a surcharge.

In the event, that you've been involved in an accident, visit or easy to navigate website for details at Our Personal Injury Lawyers, for professional services.

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