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New Laws in Florida as of October 1st, 2015

New Laws in Florida Recently, there have been approximately 30 new laws that have been becoming enforced, such as, if you pretend to be a firefighter, or put a tracking device on someone's vehicle, and enforcing and banning revenge porn.

A recent law that has been issued to ease the burden for families of any law enforcement officer who has died while protecting and enforcing the laws is called the Omnibus highway. This has helped tremendously allowing law enforcement agencies to spend roughly $5000 on the initial cost of the funeral and burial expenditures. Furthermore, it insists that on any vehicle load that has the length of about four feet or more shall be required to have a red flag approximately 18-inch square in size on every load.

New repossession, security, or private investigation law

HB 197 is a law that offers disciplinary action towards anyone involved in repossession, security, or private investigation as well as placing tracking devices or applications. Punishment 60 days in jail. The law does have a few immunities for parents just keeping a close eye on their children, plus keeping an eye on caregivers for the ageing. If you violate this law for any reason, you will be committing a misdemeanor of the second degree and will receive a disciplinary action of about 60 days in prison.

New sexual cyber harassment law

SB 538 is a law regarding sexual cyber harassment, generally identified as revenge porn, which consists of posting explicit pictures or videos online of someone without their consent. There has been more evidence over the years that women are more single out for revenge porn by their spouses or rejected lovers.

Sexual cyber harassment is posting inappropriate pictures that include or deliver information about someone who is exclusive without permission from the individual, which may cause that person a considerable amount of emotional suffering. The charge for such an act could cause a person to be placed into jail for up to a year and having misdemeanor charges of the first degree on their records.

New law against firefighters and state arson impersonators

SB 1010 is to protect us all from misleading people who portray themselves to be a firefighter or an investigator for arson. Nobody is permitted to go around wearing uniforms or fake badges, emblems or even falsifying identification cards even though there are some agencies that do hand out plastic badges to kids. These badges if used are under the same law if they are used unlawfully. Someone willingly breaking this law could face up to third-degree felony charges.

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