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Who Pays for the Medical Bills After an Accident?

For those of us who are motorist on the road this could be the million-dollar question. After all, when we get behind the wheel of a care we need to not only be aware of how we are driving but other motorists as well. But no matter how safe you maybe there is always that chance of a collision occurring with another car. In some cases this can lead to injury such as whiplash after the fact. So, whose responsibility is it to pay for the medical bills that can pile up during this time?

who pays for the medical bills after an accident

Well, it should be considered a simple thing to determine. Whoever is in the wrong should be the one to pay the medical cost. This individual should also be the one who pays for any repairs to both cars. So, at the time of the accident it is important to get all the person's information. Such as, who is their insurance provider, odds are these are the ones who will cover the cost of repairs and should also cover medical bill cost. But what does an individual do in the case when a person is driving uninsured or their insurance company refuses to pay.

One option open to an individual who is dealing with a person who causes an accident who is uninsured is to call his or her own insurance company. Odds are their insurance will handle the claim and will help pay for the damage to the automobile. Another thing their insurance may do is give them assistance in the form of an MPC. MPC stands for Medical Payments Coverage, with this form of coverage the injured party including driver and any passengers will receive certain help with medical cost. MPC will help cover the cost of deductibles on medical bills covered by health insurance, and will cover the cost of those medical cost that the person's health insurance plan won't cover.

However, if the individual isn't at fault for the accident and uses their own insurance should they allow the person who is responsible completely off the hook? In this case a person would certainly be within their right to take legal action against the responsible party and receive compensation for what they went thorough. So, consulting a good accident and injury attorney would be advisable. In fact, it might be a good idea to consult with an attorney from the very beginning. A good accident an injury attorney will also deal with the insurance companies. To ensure that they not only pay on the claim but that the amount their client receives is fair given the damage and the amount of suffering they have experienced.

Now here are some do's and don'ts when being involved in a car accident. First thing to do is to make sure that your and everyone else involved is alright. The second thing to do is the access the damage to the vehicles. The things not to do is move someone if they are hurt but call for help instead. Second don't apologize for the accident even if you may have actually been at fault/ Also, never reveal how much insurance you actually have to the other person involved in the accident. Another thing is to perhaps contact an attorney right after the accident just to make sure that your interest are well covered. Don't be afraid to do so, even if an accident doesn't seem serious at first down the line there could be issues as a result, so never ignore the accident but cover all legal bases.

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