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Coral Springs Insurance Dispute Lawyer

Insurance Claims and Denials

More times than not, insurance companies are refusing to pay what they owe. Between fighting to keep their bottom line right to simply wanting a larger profit margin without raising premiums, the insurance companies will write a policy that fits your needs, and then they will interpret it to fit theirs. Many insurance companies have and will continue to get away with this act of negligence unless people start taking action.

Howard S. Ehrlich is a Coral Springs insurance dispute lawyer who will help you with your insurance dispute needs. He will sit down with you and determine what your policy will and will not pay. If your claim is denied, Mr. Ehrlich will file suit against the company so that they will have to own up to their responsibilities. While many suits are settled outside of court, he is experienced in trial cases, and he will work hard to get justice and payment for you.

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