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Florida Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Injured by drunk driver, personal injury lawyer H.S. Ehrlich is here to solve your case

A person that has been hurt because of a drunk driver in an accident can also be compensated monetarily because of this atrocity. A drunk driving accident lawyer, such as Howard S. Ehrlich, is available for clients in Florida that are seeking damages because they have been hurt in a drunk driving accident. Many of these people do not realize that they have legal standing to try and seek monetary compensation other than what the defendant's insurance will offer. It is also nice to know that there is a drunk driving accident lawyer out there that will help a person to get money to pay doctor's bills and other expenses if the defendant has no insurance at the time of the accident.

Hospital bills and funeral expenses can be expensive and many people have gone into debt because of them. They do not necessarily have to if they give Howard S. Ehrlich a call at 954.977.6622. Mr. Ehrlich has argued many cases involving drunken drivers. He will treat every client with respect and dignity. He wants to make sure that any affected parties are compensated justly for the pain and suffering that were put on them by the hands of a drunk driver.

A person that has been involved in a drunk driving accident knows the devastation that it can bring to not only the people that are involved in the accident's property and health, but also for the person that had caused the accident. Not only will that person get a DUI, but they will also incur higher vehicle insurance, court costs, and possible jail time. It can be a scary time for that person, but they do not have to be alone since they can hire a drunk driving accident lawyer that will do everything that is in their power to make sure that they are treated fairly, and with respect. It is important to understand that, sometimes, it isn't just the two people that are driving the vehicles that are part of the accident, but it can also be the person that sold the inebriated person that was behind the wheel the alcohol. This could be a bartender or a liquor store clerk.

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