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Coral Springs, Florida Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Did a Vicious Dog Attack You?

Howard S. Ehrlich is a Coral Springs, FL dog bite injury lawyer who will help those in need of filing suit on the owner(s) of a dog that bit them. Owners are responsible for their pets and their pet’s actions. If a dog has bitten you, give Howard S. Ehrlich a call at 954-977-6622, and he will help you on your way.

A dog bite injury can be a serious injury. From torn tissues to reconstructive surgery, dog bites can cause damage that can be irreparable to a person’s body and body tissues. Medical costs can get into the hundreds of thousands when repairing torn tissues, muscles, and skin cause by dog bites, not including the antibiotics needed to fight off the many forms of infection that can occur. Howard S. Ehrlich is a Coral Springs dog bite injury lawyer who can help get you compensated for all of those medical costs plus pain and suffering and lost wages.

When you call his office at 954-977-6622 and set up a consultation, you are beginning the process of getting your life back on track after a horrendous accident. He will be helpful while being understanding of your situation and that trauma that you have just gone through. His main goal is to help receive what is rightfully yours while you are safely on the road to recovery. Picking up the phone has never sounded so good as it does right now, just knowing that someone is willing to go to bat for you and what is right.

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